Pure barefoot comfort in the outdoors is defined as The Youth Lone Peak.  "Trailclaw" grip on the outole allows for running on dirt, grass, sand and mud while encouraging natural form and comfort. Like all Altra shoes, the Youth Lone Peak’s FootShape™ toe box fits the natural shape of your kids’ foot, while the removable insole is designed to provide a little extra room for growing feet.  With a zero drop construction, a child's heel and forefoot are placed at equal distance from the ground to encourage proper, low impact running and natural form.


  • TrailClaw™ outsole provides fantastic grip on any surface
  • Wide toe box with EVA for natural fit and cushioning
  • Balanced Cushioning places heel and forefoot at equal heights from ground
  • Barefoot construction encourages low impact running
  • Removable insole to allow proper fit even with growing room


**fits true to size

Altra Youth Lone Peak


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