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Auclair Tech Sport 3M Flash Mitts

Auclair Tech Sport 3M Flash Mitts


Made for adventure and true Canadian warmth, Auclair makes gloves that are flexible, easy to move in, and super warm.  With over 141g of 3M insulation and built in cuffs and gators to keep snow out, Auclair is for technical sport, but also ideal for kids who are snow bugs and need to be warm and dry in any kind of winter.


  • Flexible and easy to move in
  • High level 3M insulation to keep kids extra warm
  • Auclaire patented Silver level Dry, repels water while staying breathable
  • Built in cuffs and adjustable gators to keep snow out
  • Adjustable wrist strap to keep gloves on
  • Mini snap clip to keep gloves together when they are off
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