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Billy Classic D|R High II G Pink Print BT22317-670

Billy Classic D|R High II G Pink Print BT22317-670


Zip into a shoe where fashion meets function.  With zero drop soles, wide toe boxes and adjustable laces, Billy shoes are comfortable and easy to wear.  Billy shoes have the unique ability to provide a child with motor skills or other disabilities with the gift of independance.  Known to fit well over AFO's, orthotics and extra wide feet, the zipper of a Billy shoe opens all the way around the shoe, allowing the upper to lift off the shoe completely so the foot can be "placed" inside. It is a completely revolutionary concept in the world of shoes; one that makes a child and parent's life easier.


  • Zipper opens around entire shoe for easy entry
  • Pull strings attached to zipper for easy grasp and pull
  • Removable footbed to increase depth of shoe
  • Adjustable laces to widen or narrow shoe; laces do not need to be used thereafter
  • Canvas exterior and lining
  • Cushioned footbed for comfort


**fits true to size

**suitable for use with AFO's, SMOs, orthotics

**suitable for wide and extra wide feet

**suitable for those with disabilities

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