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Calikids Nylon Bear Puffer Hat G Rose W2219-ROS

Calikids Nylon Bear Puffer Hat G Rose W2219-ROS

SKU: 412219003046

This winter essential boasts a durable and practical design. Its shell is crafted from lightweight 100% Nylon with water-repellent properties, ensuring you stay dry and comfortable in damp conditions. Inside, a warm 100% Polyester lining offers cozy insulation against the cold. The faux fur trim adds a touch of style while also providing additional warmth. For a secure fit, a Velcro chin strap keeps it snugly in place. With its excellent cold protection features, this item is your go-to choice for braving chilly weather while staying stylish and warm.


  • Shell: Lightweight 100% Nylon with water repellent properties
  • Lining: Warm 100% Polyester for excellent insulation
  • Features a stylish faux fur trim
  • Includes a Velcro chin strap for a secure fit
  • Provides great cold protection to keep you warm and comfortable in chilly conditions
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