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Jefferies G Mermaid Crew 6 pk Socks S2804

Jefferies G Mermaid Crew 6 pk Socks S2804


These socks feature fun fashion novelty patterns, scalloped trim edge, stay-up top, and cotton comfort. Designs include cute and colorful mermaids, ocean beach waves, sea animals, swimming fish, seahorses, starfish, rainbows, octopus, kitty cat mermaids, and more. Perfect for dressing up cute outfits, school, parties, birthdays, gifts, spring summer outfits, casual wear, and everyday.


Size Chart

Toddler                 Shoe size 3 to 7             1 to 2 years

S                              Shoe size 9 to 1             3 to 7 years


  • Mermaid crew patterns and designs to dress up any outfit
  • Fun and colorful ribbed tops for added flare
  • Cotton rich for added comfort
  • 70% Cotton, 27% Polyester, 3% Spandex for a truly breathable sock
  • Stays up all day without slipping to the heel
  • Comfort toe seams and moulded heel
  • Maintains quality even after dozens of washes
  • Imported
  • 6 Pair Pack
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