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Pals Julius & Skurvy Paul Frank Socks

Pals Julius & Skurvy Paul Frank Socks

SKU: 850014936662

Straight outta the ‘90s and ‘00s of your nostalgic dreams, we present to you: Julius & Skurvy Pals by the iconic Paul Frank! This classic monkey and pirate skull share a passion for seafaring, and is one of four uber fun limited edition pairings

All the characters in Planned Pines are good friends BECAUSE they don’t match. Because life is so fun and colorful when our friends are different. So let’s introduce the youngest generation to one of our favorites when we were young!

This pair comes with a #45 collectible PalsCard! On this card, kids can learn about their new Pals and discover how they met.

Colour: Julius & Skurvy
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