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Nailmatic Kids Set of 3 Nail Polishes G Mermaid 303MERMAID

Nailmatic Kids Set of 3 Nail Polishes G Mermaid 303MERMAID

SKU: 3760229898587

Meet the irresistible trio of Bella, Merlin, and Elliot – the newfound favorites of little wizards in search of magical nail polish! Now is the time to transform your living room into a nail bar and unleash girly iridescent spells.




Experience 100% magic tailored for 100% Kids with the enchanting Mermaid set, offering the perfect blend of nail polishes:

- Bella: The epitome of girly pink
- Merlin: A mysterious pearly blue
- Elliot: Totally iridescent pink


Straight from a fairy tale, these hues spark kids' imagination without leaving a stain! The best part? They are washable, easy to apply, and a breeze to remove with just plain soapy water – no need for a remover, providing true relief.


Free from phthalates, formaldehyde, toluene, and fragrance, our nail polishes are dermatologically tested, ensuring a delightful and safe experience. The box is co-designed with OMY, adding a touch of creativity. Made in France, these colors and fun are ready to brighten up your magical nail adventures!

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