Counterintuitively, these adorable summer sandals are made to run, splash and muddy up.  With real brass buckles and machine washable materials, Salt Water sandals are made to go into water and mud, while still having the ability to look elegant.  Adjustable at the toe and ankle, these sandals have great arch support and an active sole for running and walking all day through any summer adventure.


  • Water friendly: made to fully submerge in salt and fresh water
  • Machine Washable
  • Adjustable brass buckles at ankles and toes
  • Arch support
  • Active sole for running and playing
  • Durable outsole with grip
  • Versatile: your dress and sports sandal in one
  • Unisex


**fits a full size big

**suitable for narrow feet

Salt Water Sandals Surfer Navy

  • Before first use, it is recommended to soak Salt Water sandals in warm water for 25 minutes to soften, then have your child wear them wet to shape to their feet and soften leather.

    Alternatively, child can wear sandals in the house with socks for a few days to soften and wear in.

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