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Stonz Cruiser Baby B Dune

Stonz Cruiser Baby B Dune


Boost your baby's confidence and speed up their walking journey! Introducing the Cruiser, a featherweight Baby Shoe engineered using scientific principles to bolster early walking efforts. Featuring robust ankle support and a pliable sole, this footwear will empower your tiny tot to stand up and enhance their equilibrium.

Designed for both your baby's comfort and your convenience, the Cruiser boasts a broad opening that allows for effortless slip-on, ideal for those rushed mornings. With a bit of practice, they'll be taking those steps, sprinting, and leaping in no time at all!



Designed for walking: Crafted with a lightweight and supple sole that flexes at the front third of the foot to assist with balance and foot mobility, while the reinforced heel ensures your little one's stability (reducing the likelihood of falls and boo-boos!).

Fits snugly on both narrow and chubby feet: The roomy opening and Velcro closure make it a breeze to get your little one ready to go in no time. Once you slip these on and adjust them, they'll conform perfectly to your baby's feet and remain securely in place all day.

Safety for early walkers: Featuring a broad toe cap and a foot-hugging design, the Cruiser shields their precious toe beans from any knocks as they embark on their walking journey.

No unpleasant odors here!: Thanks to the breathable mesh upper and hi-poly insole, their feet stay dry and well-ventilated even after a day of play in the sun.

Safe for your child and the environment: Crafted from entirely vegan and non-toxic materials, the Cruiser ensures the safety of both your child and the planet.

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