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Stonz Cruiser Plus Toddler B Dune

Stonz Cruiser Plus Toddler B Dune

SKU: 0628631014021

Empower your toddler to stride and sprint with confidence! Introducing the Stonz Wear Cruiser PLUS toddler shoe, meticulously crafted for the next phase of your little one's walking journey. This lightweight children's shoe is backed by scientific design principles, ensuring that your adventurous explorer walks and runs with utmost comfort.

With robust ankle support and a flexible sole, these shoes provide essential protection for their toes and ankles. Designed for their comfort and your convenience, the Cruiser PLUS features a spacious opening that allows for effortless shoe-slipping, making those bustling mornings a breeze. What's more, they'll even be able to slip these on themselves and head out the door in a matter of minutes!



Customized for walking: This durable shoe showcases a thicker sole for enhanced protection on rougher terrains, yet maintains flexibility and suppleness in the front third of the foot, promoting balance and natural foot movement.

Accommodates both narrow and wider feet: The ample opening and Velcro closure streamline the process of preparing your child for adventures. Once these shoes are slipped on and adjusted, they will perfectly conform to your child's feet, staying securely in place throughout the day.

Safety for little explorers: Featuring a broad toe cap and a foot-hugging design, the Cruiser Plus safeguards their precious toes as they fearlessly explore and engage in running activities.

No unpleasant odors here!: Thanks to the breathable mesh upper and hi-poly insole, their feet stay dry and well-ventilated even after a day filled with sunshine at the park.

Safe for your child and the environment: Crafted from entirely vegan and non-toxic materials, the Cruiser Plus ensures the well-being of both your child and the planet.

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