Youth are required to wear shoes for every activity and therefore seldom get time to excercise those little used muscles we use when barefoot.  The Mako is a durable, athletic youth shoe which allows a child to move as if they are not wearing shoes, mimicing the motion of barefoot.  With non-marking soles, durable rubber outsoles and comfortable wide toe boxes, a child can wear shoes but get all the benefits of not.  Since 1873, Tsukihoshi has been committed to making children's shoes that enhance natural motion.  The Mako is one of the most highly reviewed zero drop shoes on the market.


  • Ultra lightweight. 
  • Barefoot feel. Low profile sole with wide toe box allows child to spread toes and move as if barefoot
  • Machine Washable
  • Water Friendly, quick drying
  • Easy to wear.  Tongue is sewn into one side of the shoe so that it doesn't need to be pulled up and out.  Allows shoe to be opened wide for easy entry.
  • Flexible, barefoot technology. Allows child to spring off midfoot, minimizing impact
  • Grippy outsole with durability rubber
  • Green tea extract to naturally disinfect bacteria, fighting odour.


**fits true to size

**suitable for wide feet

Tsukihoshi Mako

  • Machine wash COLD; Remove insole and AIR dry.  Made durable for repeated washing.

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