If you haven't already, discover the ultra lightweight of the Tsukihoshi runner.  Since 1873, Tsukihoshi has been committed to making shoes that enhance the natural motion of a child, with wide toe boxes, extra depth and a correct flex.  Easy to wear and machine washable, these shoes are as practical as they are playful with their splash of bright, sporty colour.  As its name suggests, the Speed is made for athletic play with secure, lightweight closures and added support.  With a flash of colour, he'll be able to take on any feat!


  • Ultra lightweight. 
  • Support and Cushioning for all day play
  • Machine Washable
  • Water Friendly, quick drying
  • Easy to wear.  Tongue is sewn into one side of the shoe so that it doesn't need to be pulled up and out.  Allows shoe to be opened wide for easy entry.
  • Correct flex.  Flexpoint of shoe is at the first third of shoe where the ball of a child's foot flexes to encourage straight and proper motion.
  • Removable footbed.  Successfully modifiyable to fit orthotics, AFO's, SMO's, prosthetics etc.
  • Green tea extract to naturally disinfect bacteria, fighting odour.


**fits true to size

**suitable for wide feet

**suitable for orthotics, AFO's etc

Tsukihoshi Speed

  • Machine wash COLD; Remove insole and AIR dry. Made durable for repeated washing