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Virtual Shoe Fittings

It really is simple! All you need to do is to book an online zoom appointment, and we'll do the rest!

We will need your little one(s) present so that we can analyze their walk.

Afterwards we'll provide you with specific sizing and personalized shoe options for you!

Questions? Please see below for our most common FAQ's, or feel free to call us at 403-457-5437, or e-mail us at 


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Digital shopping shoes

Virtual Fitting FAQs

Kids Shoes in Cupboard

"Why do you need to know situational details?"

The shoe that fits best depends on all sorts of factors!

This could be a specific sport they do, maybe they're wearing their shoes all day indoors, or if they have braces and/or other orthopedics, we'd love to know!

"What if my little one can't be there or refuses to be on camera?"

That's ok!

Although we prefer to get an action shot of them walking during the call, there's always a solution!


Just take a video of your little one prior to our meet and have the video saved on-hand to send to us during the call.

"How do you know what size they need without trying shoes on? After all, every shoe fits differently."

We know it can be hard shopping for shoes online. Each pair can vary in size despite what's advertised online.

At our store, we have spent years fitting and testing in-store for each pair we recommend, that way we can give you the proper size per style.
Sizes we recommend vary based on the style and width of the shoe.
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