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    Video Call 1 on 1 to find the perfect pair of shoes.


Step 1

book a call


Click "Book Now" on our Virtual Fitting box to select a time that best fits your schedule.

You will receive a confirmation email with a link to join a video call with one of our team members.



we want to know

  • What specific activities the child is doing.

  • What stage are they in?

    • Newborn, first walker, toddler, youth, teen...

  • Any concerns you may have and would like to address.



Observing How They Walk

This is when your child gets to join the call!

Whether they want to...

Show us how they walk on camera


Walk every which way in the background of our call



let's find out their size!

Whether you measure their feet before or during our call, we can get the most accurate size by...

1. Having the child stand up straight, if possible.

2. Measuring both feet from heel to toe.

3. Writing down their measurements in centimeters.



time to pick your shoes!

The pairs of shoes we recommend after our call are selected by factoring in all of the information given to us from the previous steps.

We will send you styles and sizes for you to choose from. After all, we know what fits the best, you know what looks the best!


Virtual Fitting FAQs

Kids Running

Why do you need to know situational details?

The shoe that fits best depends on all sorts of factors!

This could be a specific sport they do, maybe they're wearing their shoes all day indoors, or if they have braces and/or other orthopedics, we'd love to know!

Dancing at Home

What if my little one can't be there or refuses to be on camera?

That's ok!

Although we prefer to get an action shot of them walking during the call, there's always a solution!

Just take a video of your little one prior to our meet and have the video saved on-hand to send to us during the call.

Kids Shoes in Cupboard

How do you know what size they need without trying shoes on? After all, every shoe fits differently.

We know it can be hard shopping for shoes online. Each pair can vary in size despite what's advertised online.

At our store, we have spent years fitting and testing in-store for each pair we recommend, that way we can give you the proper size per style.

Sizes we recommend vary based on the style and width of the shoe.