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Biomecanics Yema B Grey/Yellow 211132-B

Biomecanics Yema B Grey/Yellow 211132-B

SKU: 8434198760408

Introducing a charming and lightweight boys' shoe from Biomechanics, a brand with origins in the Institute of Biomechanica in Valencia, Italy. Dedicated to pioneering advancements in children's footwear, this brand integrates cutting-edge technology at every stage of development. The shoe boasts a delightful soft grey leather combination upper, ensuring both style and comfort. With a convenient double velcro closure for easy on/off and secure foot placement, coupled with a protective toe bumper, this shoe is designed with practicality in mind. The outer sole features an additional stiffener for enhanced stability during walking. The antibacterial insole and flexible outsole promote the natural movement of the foot, making it an ideal choice for a child's first shoe.

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