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We believe that first and foremost, having the proper footwear is essential
towards creating positive long-term effects for your child’s growth, health, and
everyday lives.

With over 15 years of experience, we’re confident in assessing your child’s foot
shape, stance, walk, and run, in order to provide the perfect support.

Whether it’s for a newborn, first walker, or child up until their teens, we’ve
measured it all!

Image by Guillaume de Germain

At Little Footprints, we have practiced, measured, and mastered the art of finding the perfect fit.

It's important to us that you feel confident and assured that we’ll find the right pair of shoes for your child.

3 Things to Consider

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Proper Foot Development

Unlike adults, children's feet are still maturing and developing, thats why it is important to have the right fit as the foot is forming. 


Children are full of movement and energy, so the right fitting shoes should never slow them down. For children to reach their full motor potential, shoes play a pivotal roll with how children move!

Mobility Issues

Selecting the right shoe that is custom to mobile needs, will help to aid and support, making a significant impact on your child's movement.

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