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Rockit Portable Baby Rocker USB Rechargeable 2.0

Rockit Portable Baby Rocker USB Rechargeable 2.0

SKU: 5060539650065

Tired of your little one waking up when the stroller comes to a halt? Enter the Rockit, your solution to uninterrupted snoozing on the go! This essential accessory, designed with busy parents in mind, effortlessly attaches to your pram or pushchair using our universal bracket. With a simple button push and adjustable speed settings, the Rockit mimics the comforting rocking motion that babies love. Scientifically tested to closely emulate the natural hand rocking of a pushchair, its subtle and soothing movement is even gentler than the sensation of a pushchair gliding over paving stones. Say goodbye to disrupted naps and hello to peaceful strolls!


  • Introducing the new USB rechargeable version (includes cable)
  • Compatible with any pram or stroller
  • Portable design allows for versatile use, even outdoors
  • Simulates the gentle hand rocking of a stroller
  • The soothing rocking motion, featuring a 60-minute cycle, facilitates easy baby sleep, granting you more time to unwind, savor a coffee, or handle your shopping.
  • Adjustable speed dial enables you to find the ideal rocking pace for your stroller and child.
  • Ultra-quiet motor ensures that your baby, and everyone else, won't be disturbed.
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