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See Kai Run Kya G Purple Hearts SNS100F260

See Kai Run Kya G Purple Hearts SNS100F260

SKU: 841763196124

Mom created brand See Kai Run is meant to facilitate "barefoot-like" natural movement while remaining trendy and durable.  The width in the toe-box allows a child to spread their toes in their shoes and the minimilistic sole allows them to run naturally, as if not wearing shoes  at all. The Peyton is a high top  with extra width and depth that accomodates chubbier feet and orthotics or AFO's, while remaining cute and matching all outfits. Rainbows are back in style! 


  • "Barefoot-like" minimalistic sole base for natural movement
  • Wide toe boxes allow toe spread and barefoot movement
  • Velcro closure for easy on and off
  • High ankle for extra stability
  • Canvas upper for breathability and style
  • Rubber toe cap for added durability
  • Removable footbed and added depth to accomodate wide feet, orthotics, AFO's and SMO's


**fits half a size big

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