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Stonz Trek Winter Boot B Heather Grey

Stonz Trek Winter Boot B Heather Grey

SKU: 628631018913

Ensure your little ones stay exceptionally snug during their winter escapades with the Stonz Trek - Toddler Snow Boot. Crafted with attention to detail for the harshest winter conditions, these delightful winter boots provide warmth and comfort, maintaining their feet at a comfortable temperature, even when facing frigid -22ºF/-30ºC temperatures outdoors.



Super warm and dry: These boots are made of insulated, windproof 600D nylon to keep their little feet warm in very cold weather.

Designed for harsh winters: These boots keep their feet warm even in -22ºF/-30ºC temperatures.

Ultra-lightweight: These boots have lightweight soles that make it easy for kids to play and run in the snow.

Safe for slippery surfaces: These boots meet industry standards for skid resistance and sole abrasion, keeping your little one safe.

Easy for toddlers: The wide opening makes them easy for toddlers to put on by themselves.

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