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Tsukihoshi Marina B Cobalt/Orange 4512-427-B/4512-427-C

Tsukihoshi Marina B Cobalt/Orange 4512-427-B/4512-427-C


Founded in 1873, Tsukihoshi stands as Japan's leading children's footwear manufacturer. Their collaboration with orthopedic experts since 1985 has resulted in a children's shoe line that is now available in the US, renowned for its machine-washable, lightweight designs that promote healthy foot development. Tsukihoshi's distinctive designs set them apart in the world of children's athletic footwear.


1. Machine Washable: Easily maintainable with a cold cycle in your washing machine; be sure to remove the insole and allow it to air dry.

2. Ultra Lightweight: Offers exceptional comfort for children.

3. Removable Insole: Infused with natural Green Tea extract (free from chemicals) to combat unpleasant odors.

4. Pedorthist Approved: A preferred choice for Pedorthists due to its removable insole, extended counters, and child-specific patterns.

5. Natural Barefoot Sensation: Wide toe boxes encourage maximum comfort and balanced foot placement.

6. Enhanced Heel Stability: A prolonged heel counter ensures optimal stability.

7. Effortless On & Off: Equipped with a single strap 'hook and loop' closure and elastic faux-laces for an excellent fit.

8. Arch Support: Designed to provide proper arch support for growing kids.

9. Breathable Interior: Featuring a breathable textile lining and a cushioned footbed for active comfort.

10. Advanced Outsole: The ultra-lightweight EVA/TPR outsole offers flexibility, abrasion resistance, shock absorption, stability, and slip resistance for safety and comfort.

11. Non-Marking Outsole: Designed not to leave marks on indoor surfaces.

12. Imported: Sourced internationally.

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