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Tsukihoshi Marina B Navy/Green 4512-412-C

Tsukihoshi Marina B Navy/Green 4512-412-C


Established in 1873, Tsukihoshi is Japan's premier children's footwear manufacturer. Since 1985, they've collaborated with orthopedic experts to perfect their children's shoe line. Now available in the US, Tsukihoshi's footwear is known for being machine washable, lightweight, and promoting healthy foot development. Their unique designs make them stand out in children's athletics.

1. Machine Washable: Easily cleaned in a washing machine on a cold cycle; remember to remove the insole and air dry it.

2. Ultra Lightweight: Provides exceptional comfort for kids.

3. Removable Insole: Contains natural Green Tea extract (chemical-free) to combat odors.

4. Pedorthist Approved: Ideal for Pedorthists, with a removable insole, extended counters, and child-specific patterns.

5. Natural Barefoot Feel: Wide toe boxes for maximum comfort and balanced foot placement.

6. Enhanced Heel Stability: Prolonged heel counter for optimal stability.

7. Convenient On & Off: Features a single strap 'hook and loop' closure and elastic faux-laces for a great fit.

8. Arch Support: Specifically designed for proper arch support in growing kids.

9. Breathable Interior: Includes a breathable textile lining and cushioned footbed for active comfort.

10. Advanced Outsole: Ultra-lightweight EVA/TPR outsole with flexibility, abrasion resistance, shock absorption, stability, and slip resistance for safety and comfort.

11. Non-Marking Outsole: Leaves no marks on indoor surfaces.

12. Imported: Sourced internationally.

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