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Not sure which shoes are the right fit?

Three Kids

Know what you're looking for?


Why we fit

What we wear on our feet has a major impact on our day to day lives, from your first shoes as a baby or your current pair as an adult. Everyone is unique in their footwear needs and we want to make sure your little one is in the pair that best supports them and their development.

Who We Are
A family run boutique, specializing in developmentally conducive children’s footwear. 
Footwear for All Ages!

From Newborn to Youth 7
- Including Half Sizes -
In Our Store
We Properly Measure and Analyze your Childs Walk to Ensure it Meets our Standards
with the
Right Support
Professional Fittings
Purple and Orange Bold & Modern Preschoo

In-store Fitting

At Little Footprints, we properly measure as well as analyze your child's walk so you can be sure your child will be comfortable in a shoe that they love because it fits well.


Virtual Fitting

We are now expanding our services into the online world.

From the comfort of your home, we can now complete fittings from video calls!

Fitting Process

Fitting TITLE.png

Sometimes the hardest part of finding shoes for your child is just finding out what size they need. Whether it's for a newborn, a first walker, or a child who seems to grow out of every new pair just a week later.


Lucky for you, we have practiced, measured, and mastered the art of finding your size!

Join us in-store to check your size and see how we can help!

 Step 1 - Finding Their Size 

 Step 2 - Walking Status  

Having proper footwear creates positive long-term effects on your child's development.

That's why at Littlefootprints, we are determined to fit your child for footwear that is beneficial to them, their health, and their everyday lives.

Fitting TITLE.png

We ask parents and children certain questions to know what will fit best for their particular situation. Some questions we face include, but are not limited to:

Time to put your first walker in hard-sole shoes?

Feeling sore after wearing a particular pair of shoes?

Any current challenges you've encountered while finding a pair that fits?

Our Team has been trained to see and fit all stages of life, circumstances, special needs, and everyday wear.

Our Team will take a look at your child's walk and run if possible to determine what support is necessary and which pair will work best.


After years of seeing which pairs create better results based off of each child's current foot-shape, stance, walk, and run, we have perfected how we analyze fit.

So you can feel confident in us to find the shoes that are right for your child!

 Step 3 - Analyze and Decide